Say hello to CROC TOOLS

Maker of BBQ Croc tongs for the grill

Innovation for the BBQ!

Croc Tools’ mission is to produce innovative high quality accessories for the barbecue.

These tools will be ergonomically designed and made of lighter alloys to facilitate handling.

Croc Tools draws its strength from the originality of its products and the expertise and experience of its employees and associates.

Even though the company, CROC TOOLS Inc. is just starting, the idea, to invent the ultimate barbecuing tool, has been brewing for more than 10 years.

BBQ Croc by Croc Tools, the best barbecue tongs around.
Introducing the inventor of BBQ Croc, Nicolas Vallee.

Nicolas Vallée    


Business owner since 1995, Nicolas has worked in the culinary publishing industry for over 20 years. Through his love of cooking and barbecuing and his many years in the industry he has tried and tested almost all the accessories and specialized tools available for the kitchen and barbecue. Each one seemed to lack a little something to make it efficient and versatile.

After many years of reflection and brainstorming, various improvements were made to an initial design: thus the perfect BBQ tool was created… The BBQ CROC!

Kristine Doucet        

(when Nicolas is cooking…) 

Kristine has been working in the culinary industry for 15 years and enjoying Nico’s cooking for even longer!! Her contribution as photographer and web designer will bring Croc Tools to your home so you too can enjoy an awesome BBQ experience.